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Senior Bioprocess Scientist
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  • Responsibilities include

    1. Responsible for designing and implementing core bioprocess R&D
    2. Improve bioprocess workflows and methods to increase efficiency and stability
    3. Responsible for selection, commissioning, and operation of bioprocess consumables and equipment (e.g. microcarriers and bioreactors)
    4. Responsible for establishing protocols and planning resource requirements for large-scale cell cultivation production and expansion
    5. Work closely with other internal R&D teams as well as external resources (universities, companies, government agencies, etc.).
  • About you

    1. Holds a Ph.D. or above in bioprocessing, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, chemical engineering, or other relevant biotechnology disciplines
    2. Has 2+ years of extensive bioprocess research or work experience with innovative technology and product development capabilities
    3. Has hands-on experience with bioreactor operation and optimization
    4. Has efficient project management skills and methodologies
    5. Preferably has experience in mammalian or fish cell cultivation.
Food Quality Management Scientist
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  • Responsibilities include

    1. Master basic knowledge of chemistry, instrumental analysis, microbial molecular biology, and typical production processes required for food analysis and testing
    2. Abide by laboratory regulations, follow relevant quality standards and procedures, clarify responsibilities, exercise strict oversight, and complete inspection work on time
    3. According to lab protocols, conduct testing on meat products and process metrics, including food toxicology, allergen testing, nutritional testing, physicochemical testing, microbial testing, etc.
    4. Responsible for developing product quality control plans and inspection protocols according to technical requirements
    5. Responsible for developing, implementing, and promoting various quality management systems and activities
    6. Stay updated on industry trends, and familiar with national food standards, laws, regulations, and inspection norms
    7. Correctly process experimental data, reasonably analyze results, and write standardized, valuable inspection reports
    8. Responsible for ISO 22000, HACCP, SC audits, and audit preparation
    9. Participate in other tasks arranged by the company.
  • About you

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in food science and engineering, food quality and safety, food laws and regulations, microbiology, biological sciences, food nutrition and testing, biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmacology, or related disciplines preferred
    2. Proficient in using common food testing instruments like HPLC, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, GC, etc.
    3. 3-5 years of relevant work experience in the food industry, third-party food testing experience preferred
    4. Internal auditor certification preferred
    5. Strong hands-on skills, data analysis abilities, and technical report writing skills
    6. Passionate about lab work, rigorous and meticulous, good team spirit
    7. Excellent communication and expression abilities, adaptable
    8. Highly efficient in completing responsibilities with quality.
Cell R&D Assistant Scientist
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  • Responsibilities include

    1. Assist junior/senior scientists with daily experimental R&D work including but not limited to cell isolation, cultivation, maintenance of cell lines
    2. Participate in project discussions, record and analyze experimental data
    3. Conduct literature review and information collection
  • About you

    1. Master's degree or above in bioengineering, biotechnology, cellular and molecular biology, or related disciplines
    2. Extensive lab operation and cell cultivation experience, capable of working independently
    3. Passionate about lab work, hands-on capabilities, and team spirit
  • Bonus points for

    1. Experience with primary mammalian cell cultivation, suspension cell cultivation
    2. Proficient in cellular and molecular biology techniques
Senior Food Scientist
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  • Responsibilities include

    1. Lead technical R&D for the food team, including plant-based and cultivated meat formulation, process design, etc
    2. Follow up on product prototyping, production, small to medium-scale trials, stability testing, safety validation, etc
    3. Assist food scientists with daily R&D projects and work closely with all teams
    4. Experiment design, data analysis, documentation, and report writing.
  • About you

    1. Master's degree or above in food science or related disciplines
    2. 2+ years of R&D experience in food company
    3. Familiarity with food ingredient functionalities and experience with food additives
    4. Dare to innovate - integrate animal cell cultivation and food science ingredients.
  • Bonus points for

    1. Understanding of alternative proteins/plant-based meat/cultivated meat industries
    2. Experience in plant-based food R&D
    3. Knowledge of relevant food laws, regulations, and standards.
Junior Electronics Engineer
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  • Responsibilities include

    1. Assist in the design of hardware for a 3D bioprinter under the guidance
    2. Develop firmware for microcontrollers based on printing requirements
    3. Provide technical support for the production of the 3D bioprinter
  • About you

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, or related fields
    2. Strong ability to analyze electronic circuits
    3. Proficiency in writing code for at least one commercial microcontroller, with practical experience
    4. Proficiency in at least one programming language such as C/C++
    5. Strong autonomy, curiosity, quick learning ability, ability to work under pressure, hands-on ability, and teamwork spirit
  • Bonus points for

    1. Experience in research, development, design, and production of integrated circuits
    2. Familiarity with 3D printer systems and G-code
    3. Experience in robot design
    4. A practitioner with innovative and independent thinking abilities.
Food R&D Intern
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  • Responsibilities include

    1. Assist food scientists with R&D work on plant-based and hybrid meats, including material selection, experimentation, quality measurement, etc.
    2. Design experiments, analyze data, document records and write reports
  • About you

    1. Bachelor's degree or above in food science or related disciplines
    2. Familiarity with food ingredient properties, knowledge of food additives
    3. Understanding of relevant food laws and regulations
    4. Strong English reading and writing abilities
    5. Extensive lab experience and strong analytical abilities to work independently
  • Bonus points for

    1. Knowledge of alternative proteins, plant-based or cultured meats
    2. Experience in plant-based food R&D
    3. Experience operating basic instruments like texture analyzers, colorimeters
  • Additional information:

    1. Remote internships are not available
    2. At least 4 days on-site per week
    3. Minimum 3 months internship
    4. Outstanding performers may be converted to full-time roles